Potty Training Tips For Boys

Teaching your child how to properly use the potty can be a challenge. There are many myths as to how they should be taught and exactly how to go about providing effective training that will give the results that you want. In fact, what you have been taught may take weeks for the child to really learn how to properly use the potty. The longer it takes is the more money you will have to spend on diapers and pull-ups. So the sooner you potty train your child, the better it will be for both you and your child. If you are looking to get your child potty trained as soon as possible, there are helpful potty training tips for boys, girls, and toddlers that will have them using the potty by themselves in as little as 3 days.

There is an eBook out that teaches you how to do exactly that. Unlike similar books that claim they can teach you how to potty train your child in 1 day, which is utterly impossible, the techniques in the eBook are guaranteed to work. The author of the eBook is so confident that you are guaranteed to get your money back if the techniques do not work. After all, the fact that it is written by someone who has experience in potty training means that you can trust the promise that has been made. So waste no more money on diapers, save time doing unnecessary laundry, and make your child feel good about himself or herself. Get your copy of the eBook today and have your child potty trained in 3 days.

Smart File Locations

A problem that many people face is forgetting what files are in what folders. I used to have that problem until I decided that filing them according to specific directory names was the way to go. Simply put, I now put related files in related directories. I remember the days when I had software, games, and documents all in one folder. I cannot count the days I had a headache. Now, with a lot more organization, the headaches are fewer (mainly stress related now) and finding files are much easier. I am sure that other persons who used to share the same agony are now benefitting from a more organized filing system.

It is quite easy to put your files in related directories. For example, if you have documents that are recipes, they can be put in a folder or directory called “Recipes” (strictly common sense). Or if you have games, you can put them in a directory called “Games”. To be even more specific, you may have action games and role playing games. They can be put into “Action Games” and “RPG Games” directories respectively. I think you get the drift. So make it easier on yourself and place your files in directories that have names related to their contents. This way you will know exactly where to go and find the files you want.

Printer Not Recognized By Windows OS

Printers, like many other devices, have connectivity problems at times. This is regardless of the type and make of the printer. The reasons why this may happen are varied and normally linked to the Windows Operating System. This can be a frustrating thing as this problem tends to occur more frequently when someone wants to do a printing job in a hurry. It also occurs when a printer is being newly installed onto a computer. There are a number of things that you can check to troubleshoot the problem and hopefully get a resolution.

Here are a few things you can check:

1. There may not be any power going to the printer. Some printers need to be on in order for the OS to recognize it. Ensure that the printer is on. Even those that may not need to be on must have the power cord attached to the printer and plugged into an outlet.

2. The cable that connects the printer to the computer (USB, Serial, FireWire) may not be connected. Check to make sure that it is connected.

3. Some printer drivers need to be installed before the printer is connected. If this is the case, install the drivers before connecting the printer.

4. Before buying a printer, ensure that it has drivers that are compatible with your operating system. If there are no compatible drivers, you will have problems getting the OS to recognize the printer or it will let you know that there are no compatible drivers for it.

This checklist is in no way exhausted. These are simply the major reasons why a printer may not be recognized by your computer. Other reasons are varied and are dependent on a users experience and knowledge level. In most cases, common sense solves the problem, but there are issues that are sometimes difficult to resolve. However, the above-mentioned should help you to resolve the problem.

Monitor Placement

How you set your monitor can have an impact on your level of comfort when you are using the computer. If your monitor is too high you can hurt your neck because of the strain that is being put on it to look up for extended periods. If the monitor is too low, it can also affect your neck, especially the back part, as it becomes strained from being held down in one position for an extended period. Your eyes can also become tired from viewing the monitor at odd angles. When using a computer for extended periods, it is imperative that you set the monitor at an angle and height that are comfortable for your viewing purposes. Each person has a different “comfort zone” as it relates to the position.

In order to find your perfect viewing angle, sit in front of the monitor in the position you would normally be set while doing work on the computer. Then place both hands on either side of the monitor to adjust the height (if the height is adjustable) or swivel the monitor back and forth and left and right to a position that makes your eyes feel relaxed. Once you have found the correct position, sit back in your chair and try typing a little bit or try reading some emails. Do this for about ten minutes. As you go through the process, you may realize that you need to make further adjustments to the monitor. Continue doing this until you feel that both your neck and eyes feel relaxed while you work. You have now found your “comfort zone”.

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Windows Shortcut Keys

Going to a menu heading in a spreadsheet program can be quite a task for some people. In fact, because of this same reason, many people do not save their documents until they are completely finished, which in a lot of cases results in loss of material. Even though there is an auto-save feature in most modern programs, not all people use it. In light of this, Windows has shortcut keys that one can use to perform operations that are regularly carried out when a document is being written, etc. There are shortcut keys for tasks like saving, cutting, pasting, copying, printing, asking for help, and so on.

Here are a few shortcut keys that can be used whilst working in the Windows operating system environment:

Ctrl + Insert = COPY
Shift + Insert = PASTE
Ctrl + P = PRINT
Ctrl + I = ITALIC
Ctrl + B = BOLD
Ctrl + S = SAVE
Ctrl + Z = UNDO
F11 = Toggle between FULL SCREEN and NORMAL SCREEN (browser window)

Setting Up Your Own Blogger Blog

Blogging has become a phenomenon that has taken on unprecedented pace over the past several months. There are a wide variety of blogging platforms. Two of the more popular ones are Blogger and WordPress. Both are quite easy to use. WordPress is SEO targeted which means that your blog would be easily indexed by search engines. Blogger also has similar features but they are not as advanced as those of WordPress.

Nonetheless, there are many users of Blogger and many more who would like to know how to set up their own blog. There is a video tutorial that such persons can use to create their own blog. It is very easy to follow. You can read up more about this tutorial at Review Central. When you see the videos, you will realize how easy it is to set up your own blog using the Blogger platform.

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Cover Your Computer When Not In Use

Computer protection tips stipulate that it is beneficial to use a dust cover for your computer when it is not in use. This is especially needed when it is located in a dusty area. Even if that is not the case, covering it is a good move. Accumulated dust over time can eventually affect the performance of the computer. If it is not covered, then dust particles enter the machine through the vents and can cause problems down the road.

It also saves you having to constantly wipe off the cpu tower and screen and keyboard. What happens at times is that persons use coarse materials, like rough cloth, to dust their monitor and cpu. This can lead to scratching which makes the scratched surface look unpresentable. So to prevent all that, keep your cpu, monitor and keyboard covered when not in use. The dust covers are cheap and easy to maintain.

Thermal Gel And Heat Sink Operation

The use of a thermal compound to dissipate heat from the CPU is very important. The gel is usually placed between the CPU and the heat sink to aid in the proper dispersion of heat given off by the CPU. Thermal Gels are normally packed with heat conductive metal oxides, a combination that promotes high thermal conductivity, low bleed and high-temperature stability. These compounds resist changes in consistency at temperatures up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit (177 degrees Celcius), maintaining a positive heat sink seal to improve heat transfer from the electronic device to the heat sink or chassis of the computer. This increases the overall efficiency of the device and prevents unnecessary overheating.

Thermal Gel And Heat Sink Operation is critical especially if the computer is being used in high temperature areas. Overall, Thermal Gels are suitable for CPU, chipsets on Mainboards, and VGA cards. They are very easy to use and operate effectively at varying temperatures. All this means is that it is imperative that you use thermal gel when installing CPU’s or any other component that generates high temperature. You do not have to do it, but keep in mind that you will severely reduce the life of your processor if it is not used. Your computer will keep shutting down once the critical temperature is reached and eventually result in damage to your computer. Be smart – use a thermal compound between the heat sink and CPU to prolong the life of your CPU and for increased operation of your machine.

The Organized Computer User

How does you work space look? Is it all cluttered and messy? Is it hard to find what you are looking for because it is under a pile of papers? Or is you work area neat and well organized? Is it easy to find what you are looking for? The way your work area looks has a direct impact on how well you do your work. A cluttered area can give you a headache and serve as a constant distraction when you are trying to do some work. Many people who use the computer to do typing jobs often tend to face the “untidy area syndrome”. This is because paper stacks up over time as the work is piled on. Low work performance and fatigue have been known to be directly associated with a messy work environment.

The solution to that problem is quite simple. Try to arrange your work area in a way that will not cause clutter. If needs be, get a separate desk to hold the documents that you are working with so that they do not accumulate on your desk. Throw away unnecessary documents and file what needs to be filed regularly. Do not take on more work than you can handle as this will stress you out even more. Take regular breaks from what you are doing if it seems overwhelming. It makes no sense going crazy because of your job. Remember, a mad man cannot properly complete assigned tasks. So try your best to keep your work area clean. It could mean your health and also your sanity!

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Mouse Problems

computer mouse
Had any mouse problems lately? I realized a few days ago that my mouse was doing its own thing, going all over the screen and jumping and running, without my intervention. I knew it was not a virus because I did a complete scan and everything was fine. The problem was that my mouse was “dying”. It was very hard to control where I wanted to click and so on. So I decided to change the mouse and – volia! – problem solved. Be aware that there are times when a virus can be the cause of your mouse behaving abnormally, but fortunately for me that was not the case.

Generally a mouse responds to how you move your hand. The speed of the pointer movement can be adjusted in the Mouse settings under Control Panel. So too can the click and double-click speeds. If your mouse has started behaving in a manner that it never used to before, first perform a virus check on your computer. If that checks out okay, buy a new mouse. More often than not it will solve the problem.