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Link Building Increases Traffic

Despite what many persons may think, Link Building is a very important part of getting traffic to your website. Not only that but it is also an important part of SEO, i.e. Search Engine Optimization. Look at it this way: You build a supermarket and expect people to come and buy from you – the only problem is that you did not post any advertisements anywhere. Without advertising in newspapers, in magazines, on the radio, and so on, people will never know about your business, so you would make no money. In like manner, if you do not buy links, then your website will get no traffic.

Just like how you may not necessarily be the one who does the advertising for your business, you can outsource link building by using the services of a third party. By so doing, you take the hassle out of getting traffic to your website and benefit from an increase in visitors who are ready to spend their money on your site. If your website cannot be found in search engines or is not linked from other sites, you are bound to get little to no traffic. Why not consider link building for your website if traffic to it is low or virtually non-existent? You may be surprised at how much traffic you start getting after only a short period of time.

Profitable Keywords

How well does your website rank on Google, Bing, Yahoo!, or any other search engine for that matter? One of the keys of Search Engine Optimization, SEO, is using the right keywords. Keywords that are used should be in line with the theme of your website so that search engines can know where and how to categorize your site. In addition, this aids in search engine placement so that your site can rank better in the listings. To help you find the best keywords for your website, you need Profitable Keywords, the software that will help you to catch all the valuable traffic you have been losing to your competitors.

Profitable Keywords will find the top 20 keywords for any search term you choose. You can then use some or all of the keywords in your keywords meta tags to drive lots more traffic to your website. Soon, and very soon, you will be making lots more money from your website once more persons are able to find it since it ranks higher in search engine listings for your keywords.

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Legally ‘Steal’ TONS of Targeted Traffic from Google and Bing using Hard Cash Hijack

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Many of us earn a living online by promoting and selling other people’s products. The problem we face at times is getting a significant amount of traffic to our websites and sales pages that will lead to sales. Quite frustrating, isn’t it? Well, there is good news for us all because there is a software on the market now that will help us to legally “steal” tons of targeted traffic from Google and Bing. The traffic that we get will dramatically improve the chances of making sales.

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PageRank 10 – Add Your Link, Improve your Page Rank and Website Traffic

There is a PR10 SEO Experiment that is presently underway. On the website that is undertaking the experiment, you can add your website link which will help to improve your Page Rank and the Website Traffic that you receive. The best thing about it is that you can place your Free Website Link there today and have it approved within 24 hours. The top referrers are displayed on the website which in turn will bring visitors to your website and also increase your own page rank and traffic. The goal of PageRank10 is to go from PR0 to PR10 within 730 days starting from 20th April 2006. Right now they are a PR6 website.

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Strategic SEO and SEM Company

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing(SEM) have become the latest craze in the internet industry. They have fueled massive competiton among the various individuals and companies that provide the services. Some are effective while others are plain ineffective. But if you are looking to be the leader in your niche market, your best bet for SEO, SEM and blogging would be LLC, located at 120 Bloomfield Street, Garden Suite, Hoboken, New Jersey 07030. is a SEMPO Circle member and are backed by the BBB Online Reliability Program. They have been providong SEO and internet marketing services since 1999, giving their customers top rankings in the search engines. provides competitive rates for the work that they do, including SEO web design, Podcasting, Blogging, Social Bookmarking, SEO training, Merchant Account Services, and so on. They have testimonials from many companies that have used their services, thus attesting to the good work that has done over the years. On average, their clients get between 10 and 15 times return on their investment, making a popular choice among many companies. They also provide $100 for your first campaigns if you sign up for Google and Yahoo PCC through them. Free cash to help kick start your campaigns is something anyone would gladly welcome, and they provide it!

If you are ready to take your business success to the next level, give a call today at 800 556 7449 and check their website for further details about all the services that they have to offer. They will indeed help you to ‘rise to the top of your market’.

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Professional Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is what most, if not all, website owners desire so that their site can be seen by those who would end up making purchases from their website. There are many niche markets online, some hotly contested by numerous companies who are all seeking a piece of the ‘online dollars’ pie. There are organizations that offer search engine marketing solutions to those who are willing to pay for such services. One company that has been around for over a decade and is deeply involved in SEM in USWeb. Originally founded in 1995, USWeb has offices across the United States and is known for being the most experienced, qualified and professional Internet consultants in the world. They are a leading strategic Internet services firm who help their clients to achieve revenue, profit, market share, and customer loyalty objectives through Internet strategies and systems.

The global online market has a wide array of marketing opportunities and it is imperative that you identify those that are able to provide the best opportunity to reach your target audience in a scalable and cost effective manner. This is where USWeb stands out. They design, develop, and implement custom web systems and integrated online marketing solutions that focus on brand awareness, audience development, and customer retention. USWeb also believes in partnerships because they partner with a diverse and prominent portfolio of clients, from medium-size organizations to Fortune 100 corporations, helping them achieve brand recognition through effective SEM.

Statistics don’t lie and they confirm that 70-80% of prospective web customers use search engines or search directories to find relevant content, and as such search engine marketing is the most widely used method of attracting visitors to a website. This fuels fierce competition among websites to achieve the top spot of search engines. USWeb plays a role here again as their search engine marketing services are designed to get your site noticed when potential buyers are looking for the products and services you have to offer.

USWeb‘s services include Search Engine Optimization, PPC Bid Management, and Trusted Feed services, which are all geared towards targeting the Internet’s major search properties to drive self-qualified prospects to your website. That simply means the specific audiences that are looking for your products, content, and/or services will be able to find them with ease. Seeing that USWeb is truly the best search engine marketing company out there, rush on over to their site and let them help you get your website to the top of the search engines.

Highly Effective Search Engine Optimization

As the internet grows and websites have to be designed in line with ever changing standards, Search Engine Optimization, more commonly referred to as SEO, is becoming the order of the day especially as it relates to the ease with which your website(s) get listed on search engines. That being said, a key player in the SEO field is SEO Inc. Located at 2720 Loker Ave W, Suite G, Carlsbad, CA 92010, this dynamic company has the know-how and expertise to assist companies in gaining impressive rankings in the search engines. This is backed up by the fact that hundreds of large and highly profitable organizations have benefitted from the work that SEO Inc. has done for them.

Their mission is to improve client placement in Internet search engines, to exponentially increase their ROI on Pay per click spends and leverage this visibility to help their clients improve their Web branding, increase sales, and maximize returns from their online activities. Some of the companies that have gotten impressive results as a result of SEO Inc.‘s hard work include blue-chip clients such as Microsoft, AT&T Broadband,, Entrepreneur Media (,, Beaches Resorts and Sandals Resorts. These companies have yielded stellar visibility, increased traffic, increased revenues and quick return on investment. As part of their dynamic package, SEO Inc. offers a comprehensive suite of services that includes linguistics-based keyword selection, organic search engine placement, pay per click management, Web analytics, detailed SEO reporting, personal project management, and Web development and design, plus services such as consumer business profiling to support clients’ marketing efforts. Their impressive track record has led to their being recognized as the only SEM/SEO company with active members in the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) and are officially Certified Advanced Search Engine Marketing Strategist’s, an award they got from the Academy of Web Specialists. This award is only given to firms that employ the most proven and ethical methods of search engine optimization. All this shows how truly effective and efficient SEO Inc. is.

As part of their ongoing work aimed at improving SEO tactics, Search Engine Optimization Inc. has recently released Version 2.0 of their top-rated SEO Toolbar. SEO Toolbar v2.0 facilitates tracking and monitoring of any site, allowing the user to quickly view site stats and data quickly all in one location. The new toolbar can be accessed at at no cost to you. So far, there have been over 12,000 downloads and counting, making SEO Inc Toolbar the most downloaded SEO toolbar ever! The SEO Inc. Toolbar v2.0 contains NO spyware, bundled freeware and is not used in any way, shape or form to collect data. There are no hidden catches, period! In addition to the toolbar, other services that SEO Inc. offers include Organic Optimization (, PPC Advertising (, and Natural Search Optimization (

Are you ready to increase your rankings, sales and brand visibility online, while minimizing marketing costs that can significantly impact your bottom-line? Visit Search Engine Optimization Inc. today. They are ready and waiting to help you achieve your goals.

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Increasing Your Link Popularity Using Blogitive

There are many websites going online daily. No matter what it is that they are promoting, they are all looking towards gaining many visitors and links to their sites. This is because the more links that a website has is the more likely it will be found by persons who do searches on search engines. Increasing the link popularity of a website can be done in various ways.

Some of the main methods used to increase link popularity are Press Release distribution, purchasing links from link brokers, trading links with other websites (also known as reciprocal linking), and link baiting. Let us look at them one by one. Firstly, Press Release distribution is the most effective way to increase link popularity. The catch is that the content of your release needs to be interesting enough for publications to want to write about it. Secondly, purchasing links from link brokers is easy and cost effective. The drawback is that you do not normally receive the best quality links and Google tends to remove such sites from its listings especially when there are a lot of outgoing links on the same page of a website. Thirdly, reciprocal linking used to be the main method of choice. This used to be the case because it provides very little value unless you are trading links with websites that offer content similar to yours and if you are only receiving one-way links. And fourthly, link baiting is the natural way that many websites remain popular and rank well in the search engines. The drawback here is that it is difficult to accomplish as the process involves hunting out-links, even though you are bringing the links to your website via unique and popular site content. However, if you create software or content that surfers cannot find anywhere else, it will make your website popular and thus help to increase your link popularity.

When you speak about link popularity, you also speak of algorithms which are what search engines use to rank websites. Take Google, for example. Google’s algorithm is very complex but it nonetheless causes Google to drive the most traffic to websites that rank at the top of their organic search results. Google’s algorithm is also more complex than the other search engines as it concentrates on a websites on-site factors and off-site factors to determine how the website should rank in their search results. Interestingly enough, off-site factors contribute to approximately 35% to 45% of the importance to Google’s algorithm. What Google looks for now are links pointing to your website from many different sources on the internet. Page Rank was once the ‘big thing’, but it no longer is. The key factor is the quality of the page that the link to your website is on compared to your website and/or the page it is directed to. Google also looks at where the link is placed on the website, the text that surrounds the link, the Title Tag of the page the link is on as well as important SEO factors such as H1 Tags and other META data. Google’s latest and highly complex algorithm called Latent Symantec Indexing (LSI) essentially determines how words are related to each other. The factors that LSI looks at are the Title Tag and the textual content of the page that your link is on. So it is becoming ever more important to receive links from different pages of different websites that have content that is similar to your website’s content.

One of the increasingly popular and very effective ways to increase link popularity is through Blogs. This is because Blogs are naturally filled with valuable content that the search engines love and Bloggers naturally link to other websites they talk about within their posts. A point to note is that you would need links from hundreds or even thousands of Blogs with the same idea as your website before you will be able to see any significant improvements in your link popularity. The more popular a keyword phrase is, the more links from different Blogs you will need. Since it would be nearly impossible to create hundreds or even thousands of different Blogs yourself, Blogitive was created to do it for you. Blogitive presently has more than 2000 Blogs within its network, and it is growing substantially daily. Blogitive allows you to submit a web release (mini press release) to these Bloggers who will write about your release and link to your website in any manner you desire. The post would include any URL and any keyword phrase that you wish to be shown. The facts show that Blogitive has proven to be extremely effective in increasing link popularity, in addition to being very cost effective.

So, the question is: Do you want to increase the link popularity of your website? If your answer is clearly ‘yes’, all you need to do now is visit Blogitive to learn more about their service and see how they can help you to increase your link popularity.

The Power of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

I have been recently captivated by the whole idea of Search Engine Optimization (more popularly referred to as SEO). This new interest in SEO has moved me to check it out. Is it all hype? Well, here is what I have found so far.

It works. I have optimized my main websites’ start page using SEO and I have noticed an increase in my web rankings. Right now, I have a Google PR of 4. Not too bad for just trying a thing, wouldn’t you say! You can check for yourself. Go to and see for yourself. And guess what? I am still in the process of further optimization, so look out for bigger things in the near future.

In addition, SEO aids in ridding your website of unnecessary items. For example, you may choose to use certain codes in your HTML that may cause your site not to get ranked or even recieve a low rank. Or you may leave out vital information that would aid in achieving those coveted rankings. Heads up! Thanks to Search Engine Optimization, you will be able to know ‘what to’ and ‘what not to’ do so as to make the search engines like your website. The better optimized your website is, the more frequently a search engine will spider your website and get it indexed much quicker.

I can attest to all of the above. You may feel a bit skeptical about trying SEO, but I would advise you to give it a try. After all, nothing beats a trial but a failure. So, what have you got to lose? What is your website’s PR? Is it, or are they, listed in the major search engines (Google, Yahoo!, MSN)? Have you been trying to achieve this feat for the longest while? It is true that there are times when it may take weeks or even months to get listed, but if your website has been optimized for search engines, they can get listed much quicker.

SEO is a big thing. I have tried it. So have many others. We have seen the results and can testify to the effectiveness of SEO. Try it. You’ll be glad you did!