Internet Marketing Scripts

There are numerous ways in which we can easily market our websites and online businesses. Separate and apart from the usual submitting of your website to search engines, there are other ways in which internet marketing can be accomplished. One such way is through the use of internet marketing scripts. These scripts help us not only to generate more sales but also enhance the effectiveness of our websites. I am referring to scripts like Auto Countdown, Auto Launcher, Auto RSS, Auto Squeeze, Easy Cloaker, Easy SplitTest, Email Router, and Mass URL.

If you strongly believe that your internet marketing strategies need an immediate boost, why not consider getting these scripts for yourself right now? It may prove to be one of the wisest decisions you ever make as it relates to internet marketing.

Advertise and Make Money at the Same Time

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Have you ever been able to Advertise and Make Money at the Same Time? Most of us would answer “no” to that question because that really does not seem to be possible. But, FYI, it is a feat that is attainable because a site that allows you to do that does exist. In fact, you can get a membership and advertising for FREE, and you can even earn cash. ALL members have an equal chance of earning sales commissions down 2 levels. There are five upgraded membership levels offered too. So, the higher your membership level is the more advertising you get. Naturally, this means you can earn more cash for promoting the site.

Don’t say that “it’s not possible” to Advertise and Make Money at the Same Time. Give it a try because you have nothing to lose, since it is FREE to join. Sign up as a free member and try it out. Promote the site and then trade in the cash you earn to upgrade yourself level by level! This means that anyone can reach the top membership level where you earn top commissions. Picture this: Top level members earn $20 per referral for another top level referral! Then earn $10 for any of their referrals top level sales! Talk about great commissions and great advertising! It’s free to join and easy to sign up! Money you make while advertising is just waiting for you to grab it! Get your share now by joining right away!

Watch Digital Media on TV with Slingbox

Some people love TV so much that they wish they could take it with them wherever they go. Well, guess what? That is now possible. The Slingbox is anybody’s dream come true. This smart equipment really brings, or should I say sends, it to you with ease, i.e your favourite TV programs. Now you can watch what you want on your laptop or even mobile device. The best thing of all is that it is quite inexpensive. You can choose from the Slingbox SOLO which allows you to watch and control your favorite TV source from anywhere you are, or even try the SlingLink Turbo 1 Port Ethernet Kit which allows you to connect to the TV even if your router is in a different room.

Other Slingbox products that you can choose from include the Slingbox Pro HD Connect Cable, Slingbox Tuner, Slingbox Pro, Slingbox AV, and Slingbox PRO and Sling HD Connect Cable Bundle. Go get your Slingbox right now and enable yourself to watch TV no matter where in the world you are.

Streaming Media

As technology advances, the transmission of data has moved from the traditional radio and television format to now include the internet. Satellites are being used to transmit media all over the world and as such news takes seconds to reach any place on any continent at any time. This live transmission of live multimedia has revolutionized how we receive information. Streaming media is multimedia that is continuously received by and displayed to the end-user while it is being delivered by the provider. As a newscast is being delivered, persons can see it live. The same applies for games (like football and tennis matches) or any other type of media that is usually transmitted.

Many companies stream media over the internet while charging a subscription for the service. The media can also be streamed in delayed format, i.e. the person who wishes to obtain the media can see it in recorded format, streamed from the server of the provider. Having this type of access to information makes life easier for everyone and saves time and money in the long run. Streaming media is becoming the mode of choice of many media houses as it is quick and in most cases does not pose any problems in terms of data loss (except where the connection may have problems) and connectivity. Streaming media can be accessed by televisions, radios, computers, PDA’s, laptops, and so on. And as we move into the 22nd century, it will become even better.

Premier Glow Sticks and Lights

There are a lot of fun loving people in the world. Many of them love to party or have fun in other ways. Whether day or night, they can be found at hot spots that provide entertainment and a vibe that relaxes the mind after a long day or week at work. For those who put on these events to please the crowd, they try to use different means of attracting patrons who will keep coming back again and again. One of the things that are used to attract them are glow products and party novelties. One of the glow products that many of these people opt for are glow sticks that glow in the dark and can be used at just about any event.

Seeing that glowing party novelties are becoming more and more a part of the party and entertainment scene, a number of companies have jumped on the wagon and started to make these items available for sale. One such company is Premier Glow. They are wholesale providers of body lights, glow sticks, and party novelties. Speaking of glow sticks, there is a wide variety that you can choose from. One of the items that fall under that category is the Glow Necklace. Because the necklace glows in the dark, you do not have to worry about losing it if, for some reason, it should get dislocated from around your neck. The Glow Necklace comes in a variety of glow colours, with a few having a mix of two or more colours. They are light-weight and do help to ‘lighten’ up the party. Blow Necklaces come in packs of 50 and the price is affordable, meaning that you and your friends can buy a pack and share with each other.

Everyone who wants to get their own party novelties and glow products like the glow sticks needs to visit Premier Glow for their supplies. They provide shipping and delivery via UPS Ground, with delivery guaranteed in 2 to 6 days. Visit their website now and place your order.
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SSH Protocol

There are many types of protocols that are intended for various purposes. TCP/IP is Transfer Control Protocol/Internet Protocol which governs how data is transmitted over the internet. FTP is File Transfer Protocol which governs how files are transferred from a local machine to a remote machine, and vice-versa. Similar to FTP is SSH. SSH is Secure Shell, a program that is used to “log into another computer over a network, to execute commands in a remote machine, and to move files from one machine to another. It provides strong authentication and secure communications over insecure channels. It is a replacement for rlogin, rsh, rcp, and rdist.” –

SSH not only provides safe movement of files but also protects the network it is on from DNS spoofing, IP spoofing, and IP source routing. This means that if an attacker tries to access a network that is protected by SSH, he would only be able to force SSH to disconnect. Playback of the traffic on the network would be impossible because the connection would be encrypted. All valuable information that is transmitted over the network, like passwords, is encrypted which prevents password harvesting. If you are serious about protecting your data between networks, SSH is the program to use.

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Sponsored Posts – 10.545% CTR

Sponsored posts have taken over internet marketing by storm in the last few years. It has become so popular that even big name companies and well-known brands have opted for this type of advertising over the conventional pay per click and search engine marketing types. In fact, so effective has been sponsored advertising that the average ctr has reached an amazing 10.545%. This figure has been confirmed by a recent study that PayPerPost has conducted into the effectiveness of sponsored posts. That is quite an amazing finding to me and it speaks volumes for the future of paid to post jobs.

This is quite good because it is the general belief of many who regularly read blog posts that bloggers would lose readership once they start blogging for cash. With an average ctr that high, all doubts should be dispelled as to the good that sponsored posting is doing and has in fact already done for the advertisers who choose to go that route. I am happy to know that this is presently the trend and do hope that the rate will increase over time. At least I know that I am not blogging in vain! 10.545% is no ordinary average, especially when it is compared with the ptc programs that are run by some big names internet powerhouses, some of whom change exorbitant prices for advertising.

The power is truly in the hand of the consumer and blog readers – they have spoken and the world is listening. Sponsored posts are here to stay. PayPerPost has outdone themselves again and this will indeed make both advertisers and bloggers alike very happy. A 10.545% average ctr is no laughing matter. There is no other place on the web where such a conversion rate has been recorded. Sponsored posts are the way of the future, and advertisers would do well to make use of it to the fullest.

The preceding was a paid post.

Webroot Spy Sweeper Software

When browsing the internet, there are many things that can threaten the security of your computer and compromise any private data you may have on it. Some activities that most people do online include banking, downloading music, shopping, and research. One particular threat that has become a nuisance is spyware. Spyware is simply a computer software that collects personal information about users without their informed consent, secretly recording the information by logging the user’s keystrokes and scanning all documents on a computer’s hard drive. One way that we can prevent that from happening or to clean up any spyware that may already exist is by using Spy Sweeper.

I can recall a couple of years ago when my computer was severely attacked by spyware. At the time I did not have anti-spyware software installed and I usually visited music download sites regularly. I realized that over time my computer got progressively slower and at times the CPU usage was at 100% even when I was not doing anything. At times the computer would just freeze for a few minutes and then free up again, then the process would repeat itself. This made doing anything quite difficult and time consuming. Pop-ups also kept appearing from nowhere. A check of the Task Manager showed programs running that I never installed and they had some weird names. I immediately realized that I had a spyware problem which had to be corrected sooner than later. I used Spy Sweeper to scan and remove the spyware from my computer. The entire process took me around three days to complete as each time I did a cleanup and restarted the computer it found more. In the end, it did the job and got rid of all the spyware on my computer. Based on how efficient Spy Sweeper was, I would definitely say it is an excellent solution for spyware attacks.

If you feel that you may have spyware problems, Spy Sweeper will do the job for you. It will detect, remove, and block the most terrible forms of spyware that may emerge. The product comes with free and friendly customer support and works on Windows 2000, XP, XP Home, XP media Center or Vista. It comes with a user friendly console and many of the options are customizable. Others who have used it agree that Spy Sweeper provides advanced spyware detection, blocking and removal of the most dangerous spyware programs. Install it on your computer and let it run while you browse the web. The protection you need from this anti-spyware software will work in the background without disrupting you while you surf.

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Modem-Enabled Cellular Phones and Internet

Many of the new cell phones that are being made today are modem-enabled. That means you can use the particular cellular phone as a modem by connecting it to your laptop (or even desktop) and be able to dial-up and access the internet. This is quite a powerful feature as not all areas have wireless internet and not all laptops have wireless networking connectivity. With a modem-enabled phone, one can go virtually anywhere and be able to access the internet, as long as coverage is in the area.

As technology gets more advanced, these cell phones become more sophisticated and are more powerful. And since some networks are teaming up to provide their customers with the best coverage possible, it is becoming increasingly easier to access the web using a modem-enabled phone almost anywhere you go. This is surely to the delight of the travelling public, business persons and otherwise, who need to have a reliable way of accessing the internet no matter where they are. This saves a lot of time and money and reduces frustration and stress levels. This may be despite the fact that dial-up is much slower than a T1 or LAN connection, but there are ISP’s who are now offering high-speed dial-up access to their users. Kudo’s to those guys!

Using a modem-enabled cellular phone to access the internet is not hard. Normally all you need is a Data Cable (generally USB) and the software for the Cable to be installed on your laptop (or desktop). Then you hook up the cell phone to the Cable and then the Cable to the computer. You would then have to configure your dial-up settings based on the information that your ISP provided. Select the cell phone as your modem and then when setup is finished, you can dial and start surfing away.

Common Computer Language Terms

Here are a few computer terms/extensions that are commonly used on websites:

PHP – PHP Hypertext Preprocessor

The PHP Hypertext Preprocessor is a programming language that allows web developers to create dynamic content that interacts with various databases. It is basically used for developing web-based software applications. The .php extension shows that the file is capable of running PHP codes that start with a less than sign, followed by a question sign, then a space, then php, a space, your (.php coding), then a “;”, followed by a question sign, then finally a greater than sign.

CGI – Common Gateway Interface

CGI allows HTML pages to interact with programming applications.

PL – Intercangeable with CGI (depending on method of upload, whether ASCII or Binary)

HTM – Hyper Text Markup (interchangeable with HTML)

HTML – Hyper Text Markup Language

Hypertext Markup Language is the authoring software language used on the Internet’s World Wide Web. It is used for creating World Wide Web pages. HTML is the major format of webpages. This means that more than 90% of all webpages worldwide are named with either .htm or .html as their extension.

SHTML – Server Side Include (SSI) Hyper Text Markup Language

Web pages that contain SSI’s often end with an shtml extension. The .shtml extension enables the Web server to differentiate those pages that need to be processed before they are sent to the browser.

DHTML – Dynamic Hyper Text Markup Language

DHTML is a collective term for a combination of Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) tags and options, style sheets, and programming that will allow you to create Web pages that are more animated and more responsive to user interaction than previous versions of HTML. Dynamic HTML can allow Web documents to look and act like desktop applications or multimedia productions. This allows the web documents to play videos and so on.

ASP – Active Server Page

ASP is a specification that enables Web pages to be dynamically created using HTML, scripts, and reusable ActiveX server components.

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