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Learn How To Do Things Yourself

Hey you, yes you! I know that you are in despair because you have been spending lots of money to pay for simple repair jobs around the house that you may have been able to do yourself, even better than the repairman, if you only knew how. Do you want to know how to “do it yourself”? Get Expert How To Assistance right now and stop breaking your pocket paying for expensive repairs that could cost you much less if you only knew how to do them yourself. Let Experts guide you step-by-step on how to screw in a light bulb, change a pipe, run cable, or even paint your house. You can even end up making money helping others using the knowledge you gain. You no longer need to be in despair. Get Expert advice on how to complete tasks around the home and save money by doing them yourself.

How To Remove Sticky Messes From Glass

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Okay, so you have a glass window or some other glass object that has some sticky substance of the sort that is giving you trouble to clean. You have tried everything you know and now you are at your wits end. “So what do I do next?”, you ask yourself. Well, here are few things you can try:

(1) Put some water to heat on the stove in a small pot and bring to a boil. After the water boils for a minute or two remove it from the flame. Place the glass in a basin or on the ground outside and slowly pour the hot water onto the sticky area. After a while the sticky substance should either totally disappear or become loose enough to wipe away with a piece of cloth.

(2) Try using some Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) on the sticky substance. You should be able to get some at your local hardware store. To apply the IPA, get a piece of cotton or soft cloth and soak it in the IPA. Then rub the cotton or cloth over the sticky area, applying a little more force or pressure each time you pass over the sticky area. The sticky substance should start disappearing slowly but surely. The rate at which it starts to do so depends on the thickness of the sticky substance. In the end, however, all of it should be gone.

(3) You can also try using some Kerosene oil and follow the steps in (2) above.

I hope that in the end, depending on the method you choose to use, that your glass will no longer be sticky. I have tried and tested these remedies and they worked for me. They should work for you too.

How To Remove Sticky Substances From Surfaces

There was once a time when I bought an item and took off the price tag when I got home only to find that it left back some of the sticky glue on the item. It felt, well, sticky, and attracted dust and kept sticking to other things. I thought that there must be a way to get rid of the stickiness, so I tried scraping it off. Bad idea! The surface itself started getting scratched. So, I tried a few non-harmful-to-the-item products until I found the one that worked the best. Isopropyl Alcohol, or IPA as it is more commonly called, did the job. IPA is at least 30% stronger than regular alcohol since it is not diluted.

To get rid of the sticky substance from any surface (first of all ensure that the care instructions for the item in question does not state that alcohol or any other solvent should be not used on it):

(1) Wipe the area with a clean dry cloth (do not use a cloth that will leave back lint)
(2) Pour some of the IPA onto the cloth and rub the surface with a little effort, going around in circles.
(3) If the surface is flat, pour a little IPA on it and let it stand for a few minutes, then use a clean lint-free cloth slightly damped with some IPA to rub the affected area, doing circular motions.
(4) Soon you will see the sticky stuff disappearing. Continue steps (2) and (3) until the sticky substance is totally gone.

And there you have it. Now the surface of whatever it is you used the IPA on is as good as new, well at least it no longer has the gooey substance on it.

How To Avoid Spam With Akismet

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What you see above are the number of Spam messages I get so far on my blog! It’s HUGE! Arent they ignoring? To avoid and prevent all this spam you must use Akismet – A Free Plugin to avoid spam for your blog.

Before I start, Akismet is a free open source spam program online to help fight spam for wordpress owners.

Just follow the following steps to get started to prevent Spam on your blog.

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How To Make Money Online Working From Home

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Every day, people are looking for ways to make money. Some end up selling items in arcades, stores, on the street, and from home. The items they sell vary widely. Some may sell pastry while others sell clothing, food, cards, phones, jewelry, and so on. Their aim is to make a few bucks to sustain them and their families, to put food on the table, and to pay the bills. Increasing numbers of people have been opting to work from home as they wish to spend more time with their families. Working from home also saves on commuting costs as well as helps to boost a persons will to put forth the extra effort willingly to work harder, as greater satisfaction would come from working for oneself. You will be able to set your own work hours and days off, thus allowing you to accomplish more of the things that you want to have done.

Here are a few resources that you can use to make money online from home. These have been tried and tested and they work:

Pay Per Post – Get paid to blog about your favourite things.
Just Answer – Get paid to answer questions that people are asking.
Text Link Ads – Get paid to place text link ads on your website or blog.
Revenue Pilot – Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising Affiliate Program.
SpeedPPC – SpeedPPC Affiliate Program.
Link Worth – Another way to make money selling links on your website or blog.

There are many other ways to make money online. These include selling ebooks, becoming a freelancer, selling on eBay, and so on. You can also think of other ways that you can make money online as the possibilities are endless. Who knows, maybe your idea may the next big thing on the internet. Just think of what you can do and then go after your dream. You may even surprise yourself at how successful your venture turns out.

How To Degauss A Monitor

Computer monitors at times suffer from a condition known as gauss. Gauss occurs when there is an electromagnetic buildup on the the screen or monitor. The process of degaussing a computer monitor clears this electromagnetic buildup from the screen. Performing this process helps to improve the picture quality. You can tell that your monitor needs to be degaussed when you see rainbow looking patterns on your screen, most times at the side. It can also occur in the middle of the screen or even spread right across the screen. These rainbow patterns have been known to affect some people’s vision and even causes images and words to look “weird”. So removing this pattern surely improves the ease at which one can look at the monitor.

Degaussing can be done in a number of ways. In my own experience, I have had to use a magnet. This is accomplished by holding the magnet close to the screen while it is on and slowly move it to and from the affected area in circular motions. In some cases, depending on the severity of the issue, the magnet has to be moved around and around the screen numerous times. The process can take some time depending on the severity of the gaussing. In the case of newer monitors, there is a menu item on the monitors’ menu that performs the degaussing function automatically. However, in many cases, simply turning the monitor off and then on again clears the rainbow pattern.

For a few more ideas on how to degauss a monitor, you can visit WikiHow by clicking here.

How To Install PCI Cards

Installing PCI cards into expansion slots does not have to be a tedious process. In fact, it is quite easy. Many of us have at one time or another needed to add an extra device to our computer so as to expand its capabilities. Some of the more common PCI cards that are usually added include Sound Cards, Video Cards, extra USB/Firewire ports, Modems, Network Interface Cards (NIC’s), and so on. No matter the type, there comes a time when we need to put one in but do not necessarily have the money to do so. DIY (Doing It Yourself) is the way to go now.

The first thing you need to do is to ensure that there is no power going to the computer, so unplug the power cord. You then need to remove the case (most modern towers need to have only one side of the case removed). Then locate the PCI slot that you wish to use (whether the long or short one).

The brown coloured slot is generally for AGP (Accelerated Graphics Port) Video Cards. The others that are white in colour are for any other PCI device. After identifying where you want to place the PCI Card, remove the protective plate on the chassis of the case, carefully insert the PCI Card and then screw it in place (NOTE: ensure that you push the card down evenly into the slot as inserting it at an angle can result in damage to the card and the slot). Put the case cover back on and then apply power to the computer. When Windows comes up it will automatically detect the new card (as long as PnP [Plug and Play] is enabled in the BIOS). The device will normally be installed by the OS, but always have the installation disk handy in case it is requested. After the installation has completed, your device will be ready for us.

Hooking Up Your PC To Your Component Set

Been to the movies lately? Have you ever been amazed by the superb surround sound in the theatres? Did you know that you can have this same sort of sound at home, using only your computer and a component set? Yes, it’s true! The heart-throbbing sounds of a movie cinema’s sound can be duplicated.

To set up your computer to run through your component set, here is what you need to do:

1. Obtain a 1/8 (male) to double-RCA (female) adapter .
2. Buy a length of twin male-to-male RCA cables.
3. Connect one end each of the male-to-male RCA cables to the double-RCA (female) adapter.
4. Plug the other end of the adapter into your computer’s sound port.
5. Then plug the other two ends of the male-to-male RCA cables into the auxillary input at the back of your computer.
6. Turn your component system on and switch to auxillary input. Set the volume to a low level and gradually increase it to a comfortable level once you start playing from your computer.
7. Lock and load! Your home cinema is ready.

Adjusting the bass levels will give your home more of a “rumbling” effect, making your experience even more wonderful.

How To Format A Floppy Diskette

Know what the picture to the left is? That is correct! It is a floppy disk. It normally comes formatted (at least as of late…it was never always like that) so all you need to do is pop it into your floppy drive and use it right away. But what if, for some reason, you need to format it, or re-format it for that matter?

The task is not daunting, it really is quite simple. Open up your Windows Explorer and look for the 3 1/2 Floppy (A:) [it may also be (B:) if you have 2 floppy drives] words. Right click on it and select Format. Choose whether you want a Quick Format or a Full Format. A Quick Format simply erases the files on the floppy. A Full Format erases and re-formats the floppy disk. Then click Start to get the process going. That’s it!

When the process has been completed, your floppy is as good as new and ready to hold your files once again.