Which Processor is The Best?

With all the advances in technology, there are many processors around, and I mean CPU’s, that claim to be the best. Yes, the newer ones have variable ‘fast’ speeds that people go after day after so as to have the fastest machine on earth. The brands are quite vast, too:

From Intel we have:

(1) Pentium – The 80586 or P5 the Pentium is the generation above the 486 processor line.
(2) Pentium Pro – Chip designed to help speed up Windows 32-bit software
(3) Pentium with MMX – Processor with additional 57 new instructions and enhanced speed to graphics and multimedia software. MMX is now included in all Intel processors that have been released after this processor.
(4) Pentium II / III – The first of the Intel processors to include the Slot adapters. These processors were the next generations of the Intel Pentium processor.
(4) Intel Coppermine – The Socket (FC-PGA) version of the Intel Pentium III / IV.
(5) Intel Flip Chip – Another name for the Intel Coppermine.
(6) Intel Celeron – The low end Intel processors designed to help lower the prices of the computers by reducing or at first eliminating the level 2 cache.
(7) Pentium IV – The next generation of Intel processors, these processors were over 1GHz and were the FPGA processors.

The AMD processors include:

(1) AMD K6-2 – Socket 7 processor with the 3DNow! technology and first to have the 100MHz bus.
(2) AMD K6-3 – K6-2 chip with Level 2 cache memory that runs at the speed of the CPU.
(3) AMD Duron – Like the Intel Celeron the AMD Duron is an affordable solution processor allowing for the price in the overall computer to drop.
(4) AMD Athlon – AMD generation with features such as the 200MHz bus speed
(5) AMD Thunderbird – The latest AMD processor this processor is the socket version.
(6) AMD K7 – Socket A processor with speeds that go above the 1 GHz.
(7) AMD Sempron – 2400+ Thoroughbred 333MHz FSB 256KB L2 Cache Socket A Processor

Now, which one is the best, I mean in terms of the particular family – is it Intel or AMD? Everyone has there own opinion. Personally, I have worked with both, more so with AMD K7 which works well (I have no problem with it). Pentium is good too. Many people give it high ratings. What really is the difference between the two? After all, a processor is a processor, isn’t it? What is your favourite?

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