Make Your Own Face Masks Using DIY Face Mask Frames

With the end of COVID-19 no where near in sight, it is important that we continue to take all the necessary precautions to slow the spread of this deadly virus.

We all need to keep up with the regime of washing our hands regularly with soap and water, sanitizing our hands (when washing is not immediately possible) and surroundings, coughing into the bend of our hands, wearing face masks and other protective equipment as needed, and social distancing ourselves from others.

The wearing of face masks is one aspect of protecting ourselves from getting infected that cannot be over-emphasized. In fact, it is recommended once you are in public spaces.

As we have seen, people have been using all sorts of things to cover their face/mouth/nose. These items include N95 masks, surgical masks, dust masks, handkerchiefs, bath rags, cloth masks, and so on.

Many people have opted to make their own masks because they are unable to afford the ready-made masks. One thing that I can tell you is that it is relatively easy to make your own masks.

To make that process even easier, you can get DIY Face Mask Frames that are easy and affordable solutions that allow you to cover your face with fabric or filter media that you have access to as a way to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. You can see a picture of the frames below.

DIY Face Mask Frames
DIY Face Mask Frames. Image Copyright Garden Tower Project.

The CDC advises that individuals should as much as possible wear simple cloth face coverings to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus. These face mask frames can be paired with hand-sewn face masks to improve the fit and seal around the nose and chin.

Staying safe and healthy is everyone’s duty and as such we all need to do all we can to ensure our safety and that of our families and friends.

Wearing face masks have been proven to reduce the spread of COVID-19 as they block the virus droplets that are in the air from entering our mouth and nose.

DIY Face Mask Frame use example.
DIY Face Mask Frame use example. Image Copyright Garden Tower Project.

Our fight against the novel coronavirus is a battle that we can win! However, we must do our part to stay safe by observing all the protocols outlined by the WHO and other responsible organizations that are looking out for our best interests.

Ensure that you always wear your face mask once you are in public. If you don’t already have one, the DIY Face Mask Frames can help you to creatively and affordably create your own masks very quickly.

**** Reprinted with permission from DIY Face Mask Frames. ***

ECG Equipment

ECG 2000 Machine

In the Health Industry, there are many different hospitals and doctor’s offices that care for millions of patients on a yearly basis across the world. These institutions have the staff and equipment for the various cases of trauma, accidents, and other health-related issues that come up from time to time. Every day someone gets sick and they need to get the best care in order to recover from their illness. A common issue that plagues many persons today is that of a heart condition. Doctors who treat these patients in their private practice or in hospitals use an ecg machine to monitor a patient’s heart rate. This device is so important that it is used in surgeries and even while the patient is recovering in a hospital bed. It alerts the hospital staff if the patient is experiencing a cardiac arrest, has a sudden rise or fall in blood pressure, or even if the patient has hit the flat line.

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