Google Accused Of Stealing Money From AdSense Publishers

I was checking my email this morning and came across an interesting (and one that I totally believe) article on WebProNews about how Google is stealing money from AdSense publishers. The article is based on the expressions by an ex-employee of Google who basically confirmed what many of us knew deep down all along – Google steals publishers monies by closing their accounts just before they are due to get paid their earnings so that they can keep the money for themselves. And I can say from first hand experience that it is a true statement. Google closed my AdSense account a few years ago claiming “invalid click activity”. I appealed the closure and asked for an explanation of what they meant. Their reply was simply that they “… cannot provide me with specific details” and that I would never be able to participate in the AdSense program ever again. Well, to hell with AdSense and Google!! I know that I was not producing any invalid clicks or violating their TOS in any way, so they must simply want to keep my money for themselves (this is what I thought to myself). Now thanks to the WebProNews article, I feel redeemed that my gut feelings were correct all along.

Google has banned hundreds of thousands of AdSense account over a period of many years. You can, ironically, Google it for yourself. From persons who were barely making the minimum $100 to get a payout to those who were making upwards of thousands of dollars, Google went banning accounts left, right, and center. Now, doesn’t that seem a bit suspect? Banning multiple accounts en-mass in short periods of time. That is not to say that there aren’t persons who go out of their way to get clicks on their AdSense ads, but my word I don’t believe that every Jack and Jill who got banned did anything wrong. I know I didn’t! It normally took me between 3 and 6 months to barely reach the minimum $100 payout. So, how could that account for their definition of “invalid click activity”. You know, Google is a mighty corporation in its own rights, but the way they steal publishers money is a low down and dirty way of keeping all the money advertisers spend for themselves. It would have been better, and I know many of you agree with me, if Google sent an email saying that they saw “invalid click activity” on this date or that date and that no payment would be made for those clicks. Okay, so they would be trying to steal only a buck or two from publishers. But then to go all out and take away ALL the publishers valid click earnings in addition to the so-called invalid click earnings is downright unjust, unethical, and tantamount to bully-ism (which is what Google seems to be very good at), showing a lack of respect for fair play and justice.

But then, who are we, the small people with no voice against the mighty Google? Matt Cutts and other executives, as the article showed, deny any such practice. But, if you think about it, which company executive do you know in any business who would publicly admit to the wrongs their company is doing? They can’t afford to lose their jobs and all the perks that are involved. So, hush-hush is the way to go for them. Anyway, Google will not always be the big market player that they are right now. Believe it or not. It may take years or decades, but one day they will pay for what they have done to former AdSense publishers. There is a saying that no one can dispute: What goes around comes around. Google will get what is coming to them!