WiFi – Wireless Technology

I begin with a definition of Wi-Fi according to Wikipedia: “Wi-Fi is a wireless technology brand owned by the Wi-Fi Alliance intended to improve the interoperability of wireless local area network products based on the IEEE 802.11 standards. Common applications for Wi-Fi include Internet and… Read More

BlueTooth And You

BlueTooth is becoming an increasingly popular technology. As a wireless means of communication, it has revolutionized how people are able to share information and data and also make calls. The truth be told, it has impacted positively on technology over the past several months and… Read More

Wireless Networking

As times change, the conventional ways of setting up a network has become more or less tedious. The fact is that with the expanse of communications and telecommunications making the world a very small place, it is impossible to connect any two or more global… Read More

What Is A Router?

There are many ways of defining what a Router is. Here are two: Definition 1: A device or setup that finds the best route between any two networks, even if there are several networks to traverse. Like bridges, remote sites can be connected using routers… Read More

From WebTv to MSNTv

WebTv now has a new name. It is MSNTv. The new service offers a lot of improvement over its predecessor. Though a bit pricey right now, the MSNTv package includes the following: * MSN TV 2 Internet & Media Player * Wireless keyboard (batteries included)… Read More