Hooking Up Your PC To Your Component Set

Been to the movies lately? Have you ever been amazed by the superb surround sound in the theatres? Did you know that you can have this same sort of sound at home, using only your computer and a component set? Yes, it’s true! The heart-throbbing sounds of a movie cinema’s sound can be duplicated.

To set up your computer to run through your component set, here is what you need to do:

1. Obtain a 1/8 (male) to double-RCA (female) adapter .
2. Buy a length of twin male-to-male RCA cables.
3. Connect one end each of the male-to-male RCA cables to the double-RCA (female) adapter.
4. Plug the other end of the adapter into your computer’s sound port.
5. Then plug the other two ends of the male-to-male RCA cables into the auxillary input at the back of your computer.
6. Turn your component system on and switch to auxillary input. Set the volume to a low level and gradually increase it to a comfortable level once you start playing from your computer.
7. Lock and load! Your home cinema is ready.

Adjusting the bass levels will give your home more of a “rumbling” effect, making your experience even more wonderful.