Random Access Memory

When you are planning on upgrading your computers memory, you need not only install the best brands of ram but also to ensure that they are compatible with your computer. All too often people go to a computer store and buy the wrong memory, only… Read More

Speakers As Microphones

Did you know that speakers can be used as microphones? Neither did I, ’till I decided to experiment and see what happened. I tried it many years ago and found that it worked. How did I do it? Well, the speakers had a 1/8 jack… Read More

Computer Slow Downs

Computers tend to slow down over time as we keep adding more and more programs and files to it. As such, we need to constantly remove old and un-needed files on a regular basis. In addition, defragmentation of the computer hard drive may become necessary… Read More

From WebTv to MSNTv

WebTv now has a new name. It is MSNTv. The new service offers a lot of improvement over its predecessor. Though a bit pricey right now, the MSNTv package includes the following: * MSN TV 2 Internet & Media Player * Wireless keyboard (batteries included)… Read More