Mouse Problems

computer mouse
Had any mouse problems lately? I realized a few days ago that my mouse was doing its own thing, going all over the screen and jumping and running, without my intervention. I knew it was not a virus because I did a complete scan and everything was fine. The problem was that my mouse was “dying”. It was very hard to control where I wanted to click and so on. So I decided to change the mouse and – volia! – problem solved. Be aware that there are times when a virus can be the cause of your mouse behaving abnormally, but fortunately for me that was not the case.

Generally a mouse responds to how you move your hand. The speed of the pointer movement can be adjusted in the Mouse settings under Control Panel. So too can the click and double-click speeds. If your mouse has started behaving in a manner that it never used to before, first perform a virus check on your computer. If that checks out okay, buy a new mouse. More often than not it will solve the problem.

Causes of Operating System Hangups

One of the most annoying things that can happen to anyone is having their computer hang up on them, especially in the middle of something important. I have stopped counting the amount of times that used to happen to me. In any case, the particular version operating system that I was using was to blame. For example, the ‘blue screen of death’ used to occur frequently when I used Windows ME. I often wondered how I still had hair left on my head after going through all that!

But the proverbial question remains: What causes OS hang ups?

The main cause is a bug or bugs in the coding of the operating system. Referring to my experience with Windows ME, it was an unstable OS becuase there were a lot of kinks in the design, bugs that would reveal themselves over time based on certain commands given to the OS. These bugs are usually worked out by the coders for the release of the updated verion of the OS or fixed for the release of a new version of the OS.

Another reason why operating systems hang up is overloaded memory. This occurs when you have too many programs running at the same time and the machine’s memory is so overworked that it just shuts down, causing the computer to freeze. To prevent this, stop some of the programs running in the background using Task Manager and close programs that you do not need to have open.

Operating Systems also hang up at times becuase of overheating. Overheating causes expansion of the components that are heat-sensitive. Once these components become even slightly displaced, it causes the machine to think that the part has been moved or tampered with and thus the system hangs. It is also believed that overheating expands the memory module slot causing the stick to lose contact with the motherboard, thus causing the computer to hang up. To prevent this, ensure that the computer has proper ventillation. If necessary, install additional cooling fans inside the case.

There are many other reasons why computers hang up, but the ones I mentioned are the most common ones.