Viewsonic LCD Monitors

If you are still using the old time computer monitors that are bulky and weighty and have a curved screen, then you are still living in the dark ages and need to move ahead with technology. It seems odd to me when I see people… Read More

Streaming Media

As technology advances, the transmission of data has moved from the traditional radio and television format to now include the internet. Satellites are being used to transmit media all over the world and as such news takes seconds to reach any place on any continent… Read More

Universal Remotes

How many remote controls do you have in your house? Many people have one for each piece of electronic equipment. This causes confusion at times especially if they look alike in any way. The simple solution is to get a universal remote. Universal remotes are… Read More

Common Computer Language Terms

Here are a few computer terms/extensions that are commonly used on websites: PHP – PHP Hypertext Preprocessor The PHP Hypertext Preprocessor is a programming language that allows web developers to create dynamic content that interacts with various databases. It is basically used for developing web-based… Read More

Computer Slow Downs

Computers tend to slow down over time as we keep adding more and more programs and files to it. As such, we need to constantly remove old and un-needed files on a regular basis. In addition, defragmentation of the computer hard drive may become necessary… Read More