Computer Screen Shows White

It can be a frightening experience when you turn your computer on but the monitor only shows white. The thing about it is that there are times when there were no signs to indicate that the problem was ensuing. No matter how or when it happens, there is a cause for concern. The next questions that arise are: What has happened? And how can it be fixed? There are a few things that could have more than likely happened. In any case, the solution to the problem is easier than you may think.

One cause of the problem is that the computer is not on. Turn the computer on. A second cause is that the video card in malfunctioning. The video card can go bad over time and as such when power is applied to the computer nothing comes up on the screen. It only shows white which signifies that it detects an input but since the card is bad nothing will actually show. You will need to purchase a new video card and replace the defective one.

A third possibility is that the video card has not been selected as the default or has not been activated. This occurs when some people have more than one video card in their computer. If there are two monitors that need to be used on a single machine, the settings in the Control Panel have to be set to reflect the fact that both video cards must be used. This can be set by right-clicking on the Desktop and selecting Properties (or clicking Start then Control Panel then Display). Click on the Settings tab and you will see a drop-down menu with all monitors that have been istalled on the computer. You can switch between using either monitor or using both. Doing so will solve the white screen problem.