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Use Shopify to create your online store. Here are a few reasons why you should:

+ Shopify is the world’s fastest growing commerce platform with over 400,000 active global retailers
+ You can sell online, offline and on-the-go using Shopify’s powerful technology
+ Use your own domain name
+ Sell gift cards and generate coupon codes
+ Use its integrated blogging platform to create blog posts
+ Process credit card payments directly through Shopify, or other gateways
+ Process in-store purchases with Shopify POS
+ Process purchases with your smartphone using Shopify Mobile
+ Receive 24/7 onboarding and technical support from Shopify Gurus
+ Access ecommerce analytics
+ Use built-in SEO
+ Rely on fast servers, industry-leading response times, and cutting edge infrastructure
+ Keep your customer’s data secure with PCI Level 1 Compliant checkout
+ Sell unlimited SKUs
+ Shopify is always adding free new features to help you sell

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Blesta, WHMCS, HTML, WordPress Themes and Templates + Domain Registration

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– HTML Templates
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Business persons know by now that having a presence on the Internet greatly boosts the success of their business. For one thing, they are able to take orders online through forms that customers fill out, cutting down on paperwork and making the shopping experience hassle-free for the consumer. In addition, this allows customers to browse through the catalogue of products that the business sells and then make their purchase right then and there, make their payment, and even chose their preferred shipping method so that they can receive their purchase within a certain period of time. This generally means more sales for the business and a lot more satisfied customers. Now, compare that to a business that is only brick and mortar. That store would be losing out big time on those missed online sales. Home business marketers also know the importance of having a website or blog. If your business is the brick and mortar type, or if you are a home business marketer, now is the time to get a website or blog that you can use to do your promotions. You can get a professionally designed blog that is suited for your business at a reasonable cost if you act right now. Take advantage of the hugely discounted price so that you can save on the cost of getting your website designed the way you want it.

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Vanilla Sky Premium WordPress Theme

If you have a WordPress blog and would like to change the theme to one that looks great (like the theme of The Review Diplomat, i.e. this blog), you can try the Vanilla Sky Premium WordPress Theme. It is a magazine styled Premium WordPress theme that will transform your blog into a website. The theme is widgetized and is CSS/XHTML compliant. Take a look at a shot of it below:

It boasts a dropdown menu that does not interfere with the contents on your website and it also has a slideshow option at the top where you can place any category of your as the source and see blogs related to that category. Other features include Featured Content Excerpts with thumbnails, Easy FeedBurner RSS integration, Gravatar Ready, WordPress Gallery Compatible, Flickr Photo Component, Three Widget-ready sidebars, Beautifully styled comments, and more. Improve the look of your blog today by trying the Vanilla Sky Premium WordPress Theme.

Free WordPress Themes

Blogging has become one of the fastest growing past times for hundreds of people. Each day, more and more individuals start blogging for fun or for profit. Some blogs are hosted on remote blogging platforms, like WordPress, or self hosted on their own domains, depending on each person’s choice. One thing that each blogger needs in any event is a blog theme. WordPress is arguably the most used blogging platform today and as such there is a great need for free WordPress themes that anyone can easily access. If you want to get one for yourself right now, you can click here to get one or more from WP Rex.

WP Rex has the best collection of free WordPress themes for Bloggers. You can choose any theme of your choice from their gallery. They are easy to download and you do not need to sign up or log in. So, if you want hassle-free downloading of free WordPress themes right now, visit WP Rex.

“No Input File Specified” PHP 5 Error Resolution

Today I had some serious issues on one of my websites after activating PHP 5 on it which was required by a particular script to run properly. As soon as I activated it and took a look at the site online, I was shocked to see a blank page with the words “No input file specified” on the screen. What is this?, I asked myself. Now, the only thing I did to the website was activate PHP 5 so it must have something to do with that. So I did some Googling and found a few solutions that were for the most part the same. They stipulated making changes to the .htaccess file and httpd config file, all of which I tried but none of them worked.

So, how was I able to solve the problem? Well, after thinking for a while, I decided to check the PHP Manager in my Control Panel for some clues. That is when it hit me – Safe Mode was ON. Now, thinking back to my past installations of scripts, most of them required Safe Mode to be OFF, so I turned it OFF and voila! my site came up! What a relief! So, I am now able to install my new script without any problems. The moral of all this? If you start running PHP 5 on your server and then get the “No input file specified” warning, simply check to ensure that Safe Mode is set to OFF. This can save you hours of trying to find possible solutions to such a simple problem.

Main Answer Forums

The following is NOT a paid post:

It is not all the while when a Forum comes along that has a vast array of Forums that anyone can post in. Main Answer is one such new Forum that has just been launched. Right now you can join the wave by visiting it and joining free of charge. Then you can start posting in the various Forums that interest you. Since it is new, you will realize that there may be little to no posts right now, but you can make the difference and become a member right now and help to build the community.

Some of the Forums that are there include Making Money Online, Domains For Sale, Websites For Sale, Web Hosting, Computers and Internet, Make Money Offline, and Scam Alerts, just to name a few. There are many good forums around. Help Main Answer to also gain the prestige of being one of them by posting there today.

Site Layouts That SELL

When it comes to making easy, passive and reliable affiliate commissions, nothing beats going after product-centric keywords…

It’s no secret that visitors who are researching a purchase decision (and on the verge of buying) will translate into steady sales with only a fraction of the traffic you’d need from the “usual” targeted keywords.

This is why some affiliate sites pull down 4 figures monthly can do so while receiving less than 70 visitors a day. These are the exact styles of templates ( Templates for Dreamweaver and XSitePro Versions 1 & 2) many have used to accomplish these results.

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