Poison Ivy Facts

Poison Ivy Facts

Many of us have heard about the dreaded poison ivy plant. It is safe to say that the majority of us have no idea what it even looks like. Well, the picture above is that of a poison ivy leaf, so now you know how it looks. But there are many other things that we do not know about it that are worth considering. For instance, it would beneficial to know if it is poisonous as the name suggests, how to treat the rash that comes on our skin once we come into contact with it, if it is contagious, and how one can come into contact with it in the first place. For the answer to those and many more questions, you can find poison ivy facts at www.buyrhustox.com. Once you are properly educated about this interesting plant, you will have a better chance of avoiding it when you are enjoying the great outdoors.

To pique your interest into the whole topic of poison ivy, here are a few facts that you should be aware of. Firstly, you do not have to come into direct contact with the plat itself to start itching due to the fact the oils from the plant may be laying around on the ground and you may inadvertently step into it. Secondly, burning the plant may prove to be very harmful because inhaling the smoke from the fire can affect your nasal passage and lings. And thirdly, if you become exposed to poison ivy, you need to check your doctor if you have difficulty breathing, get a fever, have excess swelling in the affected area, and if the rash symptoms persist for more than a week since the effects can persist for many weeks. For the protection of you and your loved ones, read more poison ivy facts on the site mentioned earlier.

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