Free International Shipping

I am quite sure that the title of this article captured your attention almost instantaneously. Just to be sure that you are seeing correctly, it does say “free international shipping.” So, you are obviously wondering where you can go to get free international shipping. Well, I am sure that you have heard about Main Answer before. The site started out as a price comparison mall but has now taken on a totally different business venture altogether. Instead of comparing prices from different merchants, they are now selling their own merchandise at unbelievably affordable prices. The best part of it all is that they offer FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING, so no matter where in the world you are ordering from you will not pay any shipping fees whatsoever! If you compare them to their competitors, you will see that they have the lowest prices. So, you get low prices and free shipping! What a deal!

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You can search for what you want among over 5,000,000+ products (yes, five million products, and counting). More products are added to their inventory each week, so you are guaranteed to see fresh items each time you make a search. You can search in categories like apparel, bags, cases, canvases, prints, cell phone cases, home and office, jewelry, watches, regular apparel, tablet cases, and gadgets. In these hard times, it is really nice to see that there are still people who care for consumers. Main Answer is the only place you need to shop for the items you need. Visit their website today and benefit from their low prices and free international shipping.

Shop Anytime and Compare Prices Online Hassle Free

No matter what time of year it is that you decide to go shopping, doing so online saves you valuable time and money and it can be done at your own convenience. It is great to know that there are millions of products that you can browse through right from the comfort of your home or office without the having to deal with the hassle of traffic on the road or unduly exposing yourself to the hot sun, or using up your precious half hour or one hour lunch time to go looking for what you want in a brick-and-mortar store. I am sure many of you enjoy shopping online just like I do. One thing that can be a bit testy is the fact that most of us tend to shop around for what we want and this can take some time depending on what we are looking for. This may involve searching for hours on search engines which point us to different merchants who all have their own prices, and then we have to collate the results of our findings to see who has the better deal. To make our lives much easier in this regard, BizProt Super Centre lists almost everything we need online on their website so that we can make one search and then be able to compare prices right from the website. Isn’t that great? Sure it is!

They can compare the prices on the things that we buy every day or just for special occasions under categories like Appliances, Automotive, Babies & Kids, Books & Magazines, Clothing & Accessories, Computers & Software, DVDs & Videos, Electronics, Gifts, Flowers & Food, Health & Beauty Supplies, Home & Garden, Jewelry & Watches, Music, Musical Instruments & Accessories, Office Supplies, Other Products, Pet Supplies, Sports Equipment & Outdoor Gear, Toys & Games, and Video Games. Many persons are just about ready to start buying up stuff for the upcoming winter season, or maybe you are looking for gift ideas for a special occasion. No matter the case, when you are ready to start shopping online and need to compare prices side-by-side, let BizProt Super Centre be your search partner of choice.

Home Decor: Cushions and Pillows

Leg Pillow Cushion Upper Body Pillow

When we first set up our homes, they are never usually exactly how we want them to be. However, over time we all fine tuned how things should be organized and added pieces of furniture here and there to make it look more like how we want it to be. Many of the things that we place in our homes are for our comfort, and depending on who we are and where we live what we consider to be comfort items will vary. Sofas and easy chairs are comfort items we all would like to have in our homes because we can relax in them while watching TV or just resting after a hard day at work. Many people have microwave ovens that allow us to heat up, and even cook, foods that we like. Then there are cushions and pillows that we have on our beds and chairs that add an extra level of comfort when we are relaxing or sleeping.

Speaking of cushions and pillows, there are different types that are around that we can choose from based on our own tastes. There are upper body pillows that provide comfort and support for our upper bodies when we are laying down. Leg pads and cushions provide support for our legs when we are seated. We can lay down on whole body pillows that allow our entire body to be comfortable while we relax. There are also seat cushions that are used to pad up seats, making them more comfortable to sit on. The time we spend at time should be as relaxing and comfortable as possible, and these various pillows and cushions make it that way in many different ways.

What If You Could Duplicate Yourself?

Let’s daydream for a minute.

Imagine that you’ve finally taken the entrepreneurial leap, left your 9-5 job in Corporate America and launched your own business. Your company is a tremendous success and, less than one year later you have more work than you can handle. You’re working 12-hour days and inevitably falling short somewhere. Doesn’t sound like a dream anymore, right?

I was faced with this situation several years ago after I started my Homeowner Referral Network (HRN) business. I launched Home Remedies of NY, Inc. from an old farm table in my basement with just a refurbished fax machine, computer and a phone line. And, after just one year in business, I had more work than I could handle. I was fielding calls from homeowners outside of my operating area, from contractors across Long Island who wanted me to represent them and from other entrepreneurs who were interested in partnering with me. After a few months of working 10-hour days, I was overwhelmed and had completely lost the work-life balance I had tried so hard to achieve.

My entrepreneurial mistake is not that uncommon. Many new business owners are so enthusiastic and passionate about their business that they become the core of it and ultimately, the business can’t operate without them.

Consider this scenario…

You’re a world-class baker and all of your friends and family are encouraging you to start your own baking business. After months of soul searching, you decide to fulfill your entrepreneurial dream. You leave your 9 to 5 job and set up shop as “Suzie’s Cupcakes”. After a few months in business, word catches on that your cupcakes are the best in town. Soon, you’re receiving orders for more cupcakes that you can make in a week, let alone a day. You’re in your kitchen at 5am and work ‘round the clock to fill the orders. While it may seem like you’re in the bakery business, you’re not. You’re in the business of “making cupcakes”.

Now, consider this scenario. Your cupcakes are a huge hit and there’s a line out the door. But, you’re not there. Why? Because you’ve documented your proprietary cupcake recipe, copyrighted it, trademarked your business name and the name of your world-class cupcake and now have a staff of people who work at your bakery and make them for you. You may now be out on the road promoting your products to other stores or maybe even consulting with people who want to launch franchises of your bakery because it’s been so successful. Or, maybe you’re just sitting on a beach relaxing somewhere with your family?

Why are these two scenarios so different? Because your business doesn’t rely exclusively on you anymore. You’ve duplicated yourself. This is the basis of the franchise model and the solution I found for my own business. In order to expand my HRN and continue to maintain a work-life balance, I decided to “duplicate myself”.

When my HRN business took off, I was faced with two options:

1. Expand and try to handle all of the work on my own.
2. Expand by teaching others how to do what I do.

After evaluating both my options, I went with the second.

Over the course of several months, I met with attorneys and business consultants and set out to document my business model so that I could teach other entrepreneurs how to launch contractor referral businesses in neighboring communities. My plan was that, once they were up and running, I would refer work to them and share the contractor commission. That way, I would be able to satisfy the demand for my services in a larger market area without having to do all of the work on my own.

I tested the waters with a small ad in the Business Opportunity Classifieds section of The New York Times:

Home improvement contractor referral business. Investment $5K. For additional information, contact Homeowner Referral Network at…

Within 2 weeks I had a list of 22 prospective HRN business owners!

Over the next 6 months, with the help of a friend from the Wharton Business School, I wrote The Complete Guide To Owning And Operating A Successful Homeowner Referral Network© which outlined every aspect of my business from my contractor screening process, commissions and invoicing to a market segmentation study, promotional campaigns, homeowner and contractor sample dialogues and liability issues. The process was beneficial to me personally because it forced me to analyze my company with a very critical eye and systemize all of my operating procedures that I had taken for granted.

In less than one year, the first HRN was up and running on Long Island and now–almost 15 years later–there are 300+ HRN’s like mine operating all over the country!

My business would have never achieved the level of success it has today if I hadn’t figured out how to duplicate myself. If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur who dreams of launching a business of your own, keep in mind that while passion may drive you to start your own business, creating a plan to duplicate yourself is what will help you sustain it.

Debra Cohen is President of Home Remedies of NY, Inc. and founder of the Homeowner Referral Network (HRN) business. Her HRN business has been rated “The No. 1 business Start-Up” by Small Business Opportunities magazine and has been featured in numerous media including Working Mother, Entrepreneur, Remodeling, Good Housekeeping and CBS News. Currently there are more than 300 independently owned HRNs operating nationwide. For additional information, visit her website at Homeowner Referral Network.

Wood Blinds

Some people have similar tastes when it comes to decorating the inside of their homes. For instance, there are some who like French windows because of its sleek and intuitive design. Others like well-lit rooms with decorative sconces and lighting fixtures. Yet still others like the idea of using wood blinds instead of traditional curtains. As a matter of fact, wood blinds, if you really take a good look at them, add some level of elegance to windows and give the rooms that they are used in a “new feel”, so to speak. Not only that but blinds in general are cost-effective and quite durable. So there are more than one reasons why many persons like them.

If you go searching for wood blinds, you are most likely to find them as horizontal blinds. Some sizes and styles that you can choose from include 2″ Premium Basswood Blinds, 2″ Signature Basswood Blinds, 1″ Designer Basswood Blinds, and even Exterior Basswood Roll Up Shades. No matter the room, there is a wood blind that will be the perfect fit. If you are tired of having to wash curtains every month, maybe you can consider getting some wood blinds which are easier to care and lot less hassle to clean.

Bathroom Fixtures and Accessories

I like when bathrooms look nice. In saying this, I am not speaking about the paint work only but also about the various fixtures and accessories that are installed in it. The truth be told, bathroom fixtures add beauty to bathrooms and help us to be safer while in there. There are so many different fixtures to choose from, and brands too, that we will not get bored trying to find those that we like. Regular bathroom fixtures include faucets, whirlpools, lighting, sinks, custom shower systems, and toilets. You can even place vanities in your bathroom that are very useful for holding towels and rags, and they too add beauty to bathrooms.

Shopping for bathroom fixtures and accessories is very easy because you can do so online at When your order exceeds $99, they offer free shipping. Delivery times are very quick and you are guaranteed to pay the lowest prices. Choose from well known brands like Delta, Moen, Danze, Schon Steel Works, and Fusion Hardware. Does your bathroom need a face lift? Let supply you with all the fixtures and accessories that you need at unbeatable prices.

Electric Blanket

Winter is just around the corner and it promises to be one of the coldest on record. It would be a good idea if you start stocking up on all the items that you will need right now when prices are cheap and quantities are abundant. An important item that I am sure you will not want to forget is an electric blanket. Even though most homes are heated during the winter months, there are times when you still need that extra layer of protection against the cold. Electric blankets are one sure way to help fight back the chills, and they are quite affordable so everyone should have one in their home.

You can find a wide assortment of electric heating blankets at CozyWinters. All of the electric blankets that they sell are safe low voltage, so there is no risk of getting shocked. The electric blankets come in a range of colours, so you will be able to find one in your favourite colour. A few of the electric blankets that you can choose from include Safe Low Voltage MicroFleece Ribbed Electric Heating Blanket, Diamond Pattern Electric Blanket, Safe Low Voltage Heated Comforter, and Classic Electric Heating Blanket. Do not delay any longer. Get your electric blanket now while you remember at CozyWinters.

Danze Faucets

Faucets can be used just about anywhere you choose. From the bathroom to the kitchen, we all have one type of faucet or another in our homes. Some faucets are quite stylish too. For instance, Danze faucets look contemporary and elegant, giving you a choice that many other brands do not. There are over 1,000 unique designs in the Danze line. You can get faucets that are ornate, sleek, and retro with a little extra here and there. No matter your taste, there is a Danze Faucet to match it. You can get kitchen faucets, bathroom faucets, bar faucets, shower faucets, bath room sink faucets, and whirlpool faucets all made by Danze.

The Danze faucets are not only for new homes. Older homes can also use them. Let us say, for example, that the faucets you have in your bathroom look worn out and calcined, maybe even missing a knob or two. You can easily replace them with Danze faucets. You won’t believe your eyes when you see how much better your bathroom looks once you have installed them. So give your bathroom, kitchen, or bar area a new lease on life by installing Danze faucets. You certainly won’t be sorry you did.

Self Defense Products


As security worldwide becomes a predominant issue, we all need to take steps to protect ourselves at home or even while on the road. Many persons, unfortunately, are not aware of self defense products that they can use to protect themselves, their families and their home. Business places also benefit from these products as some of them can be installed just about anywhere you need them to be. For the home and office, you can install devices like Voice Alert Alarms, Pool Safety Alarms, Motion Alarms, TeleSpy Intruder Alerts, Digital Surveillance Cameras and Wireless Home Security Systems. These are but a few of the devices that you can use to add extra levels of protection to your property.

Personal safety is also important. Some of the devices that can be used include Stun Guns, Pepper Spray, Safety Lights, Mace, Kubotans, Electronic Pocket Whistle, Knives and Tasers. To purchase these and other self defense products, you need to visit the Security Solutions website or call them at (719) 289-0440. It is safer to get the protective devices that you need for yourself and your loved ones right now than wait until a ‘close call’ happens. They are affordable and easy to use. You can even purchase self defense DVD’s. If you are a first time buyer, you get 10% discount. So go and get your self defense products now. Your additional safety depends on them.

Spider Traps by Catchmaster

Insects, whether flying or crawling, can be quite nagging at times. Mosquitoes and flies tend to carry germs and diseases that affect humans in various ways. Ants tend to infest foods and termites can bring an entire board building down to the ground. Then there are rodents like rats who spread germs and carry an illness that is usually detrimental to humans. We can think too of spiders. They make webs all over the place and sometimes reside in areas where we wish they would not. There are some that are quite harmless while others can be quite deadly. If you realize that you have problems with spiders in your house, then you need to get a spider trap to catch them. The trap I am referring to is safe enough to use even with little children in the house. has the spider trap solution that you need. The Catchmaster spider traps are very effective in catching spiders. They are Pesticide free and use a glue that does not allow the spiders to leave the trap after they are caught. For over 57 years, they have been used to catch spiders and have always been family-safe. now has the spider traps on sale, so go and get your own right now. Don’t wait until you get bitten to decide to go and buy a spider trap. Buy it before it happens. The right time is now.