Accent Reduction Classes and Training

There are many immigrants from foreign countries in the United States. Not wanting to put a strain on the welfare system, many try their best to get legal jobs so that they can contribute to the economy. Unfortunately, many are unable to land jobs because of the language barrier that may exist due to their native accent. Many employers refuse to employ persons whose command of the English language is not good or if their accent makes it hard to understand what they are saying. These persons can, however, increase their chances for employment by taking accent reduction classes. At ELT (Executive Language Training), non-native Americans can learn about accent reduction lesson plans that will help them to speak better American English, thus helping them to advance their career.

Executive Language Training is a language school that provides English and foreign business language training, in addition to courses in accent reduction. Their language courses are customized to each individuals learning style and professional goals, all in a one-on-one setting to help the student learn quicker and become fluent with ease. They even have pronunciation software that you can access from their website which will help you to learn the correct way of calling words in a shorter time. Once you learn about accent reduction lesson plans, you will see how easy it is to get your accent modified. ELT‘s Accent Reduction course covers 4 steps that in brief helps each participant to learn the differences between American English sounds and shows them how to incorporate them into everyday speech.

If you are in need of accent reduction classes and training, you can learn about accent reduction lesson plans that are available at Executive Language Training. You may visit their website for more information or call them at (847) 235-2300. In addition, you may send them an email or use the contact form on their website. They are committed to your success.

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