Price Comparison Websites Now Mobile

Have you ever wanted to compare the prices on something you wanted to buy online while you are on the road and not been able to? It is surely a hassle when you have to run to a desktop computer to do that each time you need results. But all that is about to change. Well, in fact, it has already changed. Now you can visit price comparison sites right on your mobile device or smartphone. It does not matter if you have an iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Samsung Galaxy, or other device. You will be able to access the price comparison sites and even make a purchase right then and there. Here are the links to two of the more popular price comparison websites:

• Main Answer Price Comparison Search Engine:

• BizProt Super Centre:

Just go ahead and punch them into your mobile phone’s browser and you will see for yourself. If you even forget the mobile addresses of the sites, if you type in the desktop URL for each site, i.e. or, the sites will immediately recognize that you are accessing them from a mobile device and send you to the mobile version of the site. Now that’s cool! So, the next time you are on the go and need to compare prices online, visit the above mentioned mobile links for each of the sites.

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