Thermal Systems Laboratory Ovens


There are many laboratories all over the world that perform different types of tests. Some do tests for quality control purposes. There are some labs that perform blood tests while yet others do tests on agricultural produce and grains. One thing that many of these labs have in common is the fact they all use a laboratory oven. This type of oven is used for high-forced volume thermal convection applications, providing uniform temperatures throughout the various processes that are undertaken. Some other specific applications for laboratory ovens include processes like sterilizing, annealing, drying, die-bond curing, Polyimide baking, and various other industrial laboratory functions.

Laboratory ovens vary in size. The range is generally from one cubic foot to 32 cubic feet. The temperature in these ovens can easily exceed 650 degrees Fahrenheit, or 340 degrees Celsius. If you own a lab and need a laboratory oven to take care of some of the work processes for you, you should consider getting one. If your industry is in healthcare, technology, and transportation, then you will sooner than later realize that you are going to need a laboratory oven for your business.