Work From Home With A Homeowner Referral Network (HRN)

An HRN® is a home based business that pre-screens and refers local home improvement contractors. Operating an HRN® will give you the freedom to:

Never worry about recessions.

In an up economy, homeowners are expanding and remodeling. And, in a down economy, they’re maintaining and renovating instead of moving homes. There is literally no economy in which the services of a good contractor are not needed.

Launch a profitable home based business without high franchise fees.

The HRN® business isn’t a franchise but you get the same support without paying high franchise fees or ongoing royalty payments. You reap the benefits of an already-proven business model, but if you want to change it to fit the culture of your community, you have the freedom to do so.

Be your own boss.

I offer as much or as little support as you need to get your business running successfully, with HRN Business Packages for every level. You can launch your own business, have a flexible work schedule and make a full time income from home with complete training and support!

Start your own HRN® today by clicking here.

V88 TV Box Packs a Mighty Punch

If you are looking for a great TV box that goes beyond your expectations, then you need to check out the V88 Plus TV Box.

The SCISHION V88 Plus media player utilizes a Rockchip 3229 quad-core processor and has 2GB of RAM as well as a Mali-400MP GPU. You get 8GB of onboard storage as well as a micro SD card which when combined with the multiple USB offers plenty of data storage options. 4K resolutions allow you to view the best sports and movies on your 4K screen. 3D movie support allows you to enjoy stunning movies nights in the comfort of your own home. With the Android OS and access to the Google Play store, you can stock up on games and stream all your favorite shows so there is entertainment for all the family. It has a built-in wireless antenna that gives you the freedom for to setup the TV box anywhere around the house and still access your home network, without the need for extra cables. With 4 USB ports, SPDIF and AV out you can hook up all your peripherals such as microphones, USB cameras, game pads and controllers so you can enjoy video calls games and share all your files with the utmost ease.

Get your V88 TV Box right now so that you can start watching stunning 4K resolution movies and do a lot more online.

Start Selling Online The Easy Way

Are you an ambitious individual? Have you ever wanted to be an entrepreneur? How about owning your own online store? It has become a lot easier over the past decade to start selling online. To facilitate persons with an interest in becoming online entrepreneurs, Store Porch Multi-Shop Mall offers a variety of subscription packages that allow you to sell the amount of products that you want at prices that you choose. For as little as $5 per month, you can sell whatever you like to people anywhere in the world. Each shop has its own URL address so that you can market your shop the way you want. Store Porch opened its doors a few weeks ago and is now looking for tenants who want to have the eBay experience without the many fees associated with Auctions and Buy Now sales.

Unlike sites like eBay, you pay only the monthly cost to sell your goods. There are no hidden fees. You will never need to pay a fee on your final sale. You will not need to pay a fee to make your listings featured. You will never have to pay a fee to highlight your products or other items for sale. Drop by Store Porch Multi-Shop Mall and read the FAQs for yourself. Then go ahead and sign up as a seller to start enjoying the benefits of having your own online store. You must have a PayPal account to make and receive payments on the site. You can sell just a few items or even thousands of items if you wish. It’s all up to you. Store Porch Multi-Shop Mall will list your store under the “Store List” so that your customers can easily find you. Join the trend of budding online sellers by signing up today!

Want to see more about Store Porch? Watch the video below.

Baritone, Tenor, Concert, and Soprano Ukulele Strings

Ukulele Strings
I love music and several musical instruments as well. One instrument whose sound has always intrigued me is the ukulele. Shaped just like a guitar, it is the smaller version of a guitar with less strings. There are many people who own ukuleles and are very proud of them. Over time, the strings tend to wear and need to be changed. At that time, they will have to change the strings themselves or ask someone else to do it for them. But what if no one else knows how to do it? All is not lost. You can learn how to string a ukulele by reading the guide. Far from only showing you how to replace the strings, you also learn about the scale length, overall length, and tuning for Baritone, Tenor, Concert, and Soprano Ukuleles, seeing that one size string does not fit all ukuleles. You also learn that the type of tuning differs between ukuleles, namely reentrant tuning and linear tuning.

You also need to keep in mind that there are also different kinds of ukulele strings. From titanium to nylon to steel, each type of string has its own tone characteristics. This means you will have to choose the one you want depending on the tone that you desire. Changing the strings may not be as hard as you think. Simply get the guide to help you in choosing the right string for your ukulele as well as learn how to put on your new strings.

Keep Cool This Summer With Great Air Conditioning Deals

This summer so far has been very hot. It has been so hot that people have suffered from heat strokes and even death as a result of the intense summer heat. There are still several weeks left before the start of Autumn, so the heat will still be on until then. Right now, though, you can beat the heat with some great air conditioning deals that are sure to fit your budget. From window units to split to mini-split to portable AC units, you can stay cool all summer and feel relaxed at home. Did you know that outside temperatures tend to go above 80 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit each summer, topping 100 and over in some cases, especially in areas like Texas and Louisiana? Northeastern and Southwestern states also average high summer temperatures. If you live in those areas, you should consider getting an AC unit installed. In fact, people in all the states should consider getting an AC unit seeing that the weather phenomenon El Nino is back and packs some very hot temperatures!

When searching for air conditioning units, you are sure to find deals and bargain prices. Depending on where you live, certain units may or may not be feasible. People who rent houses or apartments should consider buying portable units that they can easily carry with them when they move out of the house. Window units can also be considered since they can also be easily removed. People who own their own homes can buy the more permanent slit and mini-split units. These units have the compressor located on the outside and the condenser unit on the inside. They can be installed in any room of the house due to the flexibility of the piping system. Whichever you choose, you can rest assured that your summer will be cooler once you buy an AC unit for your house.

Hearos Ultimate Softness Series Ear Plugs

Hearos Ultimate Softness Ear Plugs

Noise pollution is just about everywhere you turn these days. At home, at work, at school, and even while having fun away from home, there is the ever-present nuisance of noise in one form or another. Noise becomes a real problem when it starts affecting our way of life, like depriving us of sleep for example. On the other hand, people who work in areas that are very noisy face the risk of suffering hearing loss due to prolonged exposure to loud noises over long periods of time. Jackhammer operators, carpenters and other individuals who use drills extensively, and others who work in similarly noisy environments need to protect their hearing. What they need to use are hearos ultimate softness series ear plugs that are used by millions of people worldwide to reduce the amount of noise that they hear. These plugs are so soft that they fit easily into your ear, expanding to fit inside the ear so as to maximize noise reduction.

I have been using them for many years now and have no complaints. Each pack of Hearos Ultimate Softness Series Ear Plugs come with 28 pairs of ear plugs so that you can easily discard old ones and pop new ones in your ear within seconds. I have heard of people who live in noisy neighborhoods using the ear plugs when they need to concentrate on studying, sleeping, or doing any other kind of work that requires quietness. Just be sure to keep your alarm clock near to you in case you use them when you go to bed. Like I said, I have used them and can say that they truly reduce noise while protecting my hearing. You should give them a try too.

Father’s Day Gifts That He Will Love

Father’s Day is coming up and I am sure that you would like some ideas as to what you can get your dad this time around. He must be tired of getting ties and handkerchiefs every year, so make his day a lot brighter this year by sending him some great tools that he can use around the house and even at work. I guarantee that he will adore you a lot more when he sees the shiny new “toy” you got him for Father’s Day! Look at the banners below and click on the one (or ones) that you think he will definitely like. The Father’s Day promotion for all items is from May 19, 2016 to June 19, 2016, so get his gift early to benefit from the huge savings.

Your dad is the most special man in your life. Make him feel appreciated by giving him one or more of the above-mentioned gifts. No matter which one you get him, he will appreciate it from his heart and he will know that you still love him.

Free Kindle eBook – Short Articles on Five Health Conditions

There are many medical conditions and ailments that people suffer from as a result of their lifestyles that could have been prevented. In a vast number of cases, the conditions can be controlled and in a few cases total recovery is possible. Five Short Health Articles: Thrombosis in Women, Water and Heart Attacks, Jaundice, The Causes and Treatments of Anemia, and a Pre-Diabetes Diagnosis Opportunity discusses the symptoms of those conditions and how they can be treated. In some cases, early detection can lead to the affected individuals being saved from costly medical bills later on in life, allowing them to live normal lives.

If you would like to know more about the conditions previously mentioned and their treatments, get the book now. It will be free for 5 days.

Title: Five Short Health Articles: Thrombosis in Women, Water and Heart Attacks, Jaundice, The Causes and Treatments of Anemia, and a Pre-Diabetes Diagnosis Opportunity

Author: Kraig Grayson

Cover Photo:

Health Articles

Promotion Dates: March 22, 2016 to March 26, 2016

Link to E-Book: Five Short Health Articles: Thrombosis in Women, Water and Heart Attacks, Jaundice, The Causes and Treatments of Anemia, and a Pre-Diabetes Diagnosis Opportunity

Durable Trash Compactors

Many people have trash compactors at home. Some of them may be older models that no longer work as well as they used to. Or it could be a case where the brand that you have is not very reliable. If you are looking for a trash compactor that can do the work, then you need to get the Whirlpool Gold 1.4 Cu. Ft. Built-in Trash Compactor – Stainless-Steel – GX900QPPS. This under counter model is the right fit for any kitchen counter that you may have. It has a wrap-a-round panel and a clean touch console. One of its best features is the automatic anti-jam. I bet you can’t say that about your present trash compactor.

It feels great when you know that you have a trash compactor that can stand up to any garbage or trash you throw into it. Get the Whirlpool Gold 1.4 Cu. Ft. Built-in Trash Compactor for your home and enjoy seamless trash compacting every day.

The Stunning Epiphone Hummingbird PRO Acoustic Electric Guitar

Epiphone Eacoustic Guitar
I have lived around music of different sorts for many years and have come to appreciate the wide range of musical instruments that are played in bands on the stage and in studios. Of all the ones I have listened to, the guitar is my all-time favourite. The sounds it makes and its ability to take you from one dimension to another just with the flick of the finger has made the guitar so special to me. I am always researching new guitars and my latest checks brought me across the epiphone hummingbird pro. Now, this baby is quite superb, if I may say so myself. Its distinctive black finish captured my attention instantly. It has the ability to rock any concert it is played in. The construction of the guitar is amazing, with its solid spruce top, Shadow NanoFlex pickup system, and rosewood fingerboard.

Some other features of the Epiphone Hummingbird that make it a great guitar to own are its mahogany neck and body, adjustable truss rod, 12″ fingerboard, 20 medium frets, nickel hardware, Shadow ePerformer Preamp, and Grover 14:1 machine heads. If that is not a guitar to drool over, I don’t know what is. If you are a serious musician and just love the sounds of a great acoustic guitar, this is the one you need to get.